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General Requirements - Existing Conditions

Site assessments and investigations, demolition of structures, and the remediation of contaminated soil, buildings, and groundwater. Mitigate any undesirable site and building attributes present, including groundwater and the removal of mold and asbestos.

Earthwork & Exterior Improvements

Final site enhancements following any earthwork. Site improvements – pavement and landscaping. Pavement subtopics address the complete construction process for asphalt, concrete and unit paving.


All mechanical and electrical services provided at a site to support building functions. This includes water and waste water piping, electrical conduit and overhead lines to supply power, fuel and steam distribution systems, telecommunications networks, and storm water drainage structures.

Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electrical

Delivering conditioned air to the occupied zones within a building. Also covered are systems that return the air from the conditioned space and mix it with outside air, as well as those which remove contaminated air via exhaust systems.

Our History

The company was formed in April of 2004 to provide general contracting services and subcontract work in heavy construction and general contracting industries.

Over 20 years of practical experience in the construction of street, highway, utility and airport maintenance projects. Knowledge of computer software to manage, schedule, estimate, etc. used in the construction industry. Knowledge and experience in construction projects for New York City and State agencies, DEP, DOT, DDC, PANY&NJ and MTA. Construction of Power Plants, transmission and distribution line projects. Estimating, managing, supervising and executing numerous heavy construction projects in the City of New York and surroundings. Some experience in Geotechnical & structural design.